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  • Sep192022
    Emma Quinn make up artist

    How to choose the right Make up artist

    How to choose the right make up artist (MUA), Most MUA’s will have a website and not just social media. Having a decent website is a good sign that the makeup artist is serious about their business. When looking at websites and social media, check that the MUA has a good variety of brides, not just models or young beauties! A good MUA will be able to make any client look their best self, whatever colour, age or look.

    Check that their work fits with the look/style you are going for whether it is natural, glamorous etc. Keep an eye out for heavily styled or filtered pictures. Your wedding won’t work like a fashion photoshoot. You’ll want to look good to the naked eye, not just in photos.

    Lots of venues also run wedding fairs or open days where you can meet potential MUAs and get to know them, look at their work, ask questions about their makeup and the whole process. Makeup is a very personal thing, and you need to be comfortable with that person. Trust your instinct and always have a trial run so you can work out what’s best for you together. It’s a work of art between you and your MUA… her skills and your personal preferences.

    Do have a chat with your potential MUA on the phone if possible. Tell her your concerns, needs and talk about the look you require. Talking to someone really helps you to assess if they are right for you. Ask her to explain the booking in process. Do expect to pay a reservation/booking fee. It gives both you and the MUA some security and should be taken off your invoice for the wedding date.

    How to cover redness

    Rosy cheeks are a beautiful thing. You will always look healthy! But sometimes cheeks can be a little too rosy or rosy in the wrong place! It could be broken veins, flushes, sunburn, acne or rosacea. My absolute go to product is Rosalique. An absolutely genius product that covers and neutralises redness. It has an SPF50 in it (an absolute must especially for weddings) and has a long term healing and calming property. It treats the skin and is anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating. On top of this it acts as a fantastic primer keeping makeup in place all day. You can even use it on its own as the green turns a lovely light golden shade on your skin! Pop a little powder or bronzer over the top. If you’d like more coverage, use you normal foundation over the top and finish with a fixing spray.

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