Rosalique, Effective treatment for rosacea

I discovered Rosalique after having a client who suffered from severe Rosacea.
Particularly on her nose and cheeks.
I did some research to find something that would help treat as well as help conceal and
calm my clients skin.
I was absolutely delighted to find this miracle in a tube!
It not only works on Rosacea, it works on redness caused by many factors. It can be a
medical condition such as Keratosis, Pilaris and Couperose too. In addition many
people have thread veins, hypersensitive and redness prone skin.
Rosalique instantly conceals, greatly reduces symptoms, calms and protects skins from
UVA and UVB rays.
I’m delighted that it is Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly. It doesn’t contain parabens,
paraffin or perfume.
I was SO impressed by the product I’m proud to say I was asked to be an affiliate so
can offer my clients 15% discount if they use my code PRETTYFACES15 when you purchase from Rosalique.


After Rosalique

After Makeup